Peters Calls on DeMaio to Denounce "Outrageous" TV Ad

CONTACT: Alex Roth, 619-228-3253
San Diego -- Rep. Scott Peters called on Carl DeMaio Wednesday to denounce the outrageous TV ad that falsely accuses Peters of illegally using his position in Congress to make money in the stock market. Media have labeled the ad completely false -- and yet at a public forum on Tuesday DeMaio stood by the ad’s malicious claims and refused to denounce it.

The TV ad accusing Peters of illegal stock dealings was given an “F” grade by the University of San Diego Civility Project, which called it “outrageous.”  U-T San Diego also completely debunked the spot.

“It’s one thing to criticize my political positions, but falsely accusing me of criminal activity is going way too far -- and it needs to stop,” Peters said. “The ad even attacks my integrity and my wife’s integrity. There’s absolutely no place in politics for this type of false and vicious smear and Carl DeMaio should publicly condemn this ad.”

That DeMaio is standing by this malicious ad is even more egregious given that he has repeatedly complained about the tough attacks waged against his well-documented record of advocating for drastic cuts to college student-loan programs.

Tomorrow the Peters campaign will begin airing a new TV ad pushing back against these pro-DeMaio falsehoods.

“While Carl DeMaio runs a smear campaign the press called ‘flawed,’ ‘false’ and ‘outrageous,’ Scott Peters is working to get something done,” the narrator says.

The narrator goes on to mention Peters’ work to pass “No Budget No Pay; lowering student loan rates; creating biotech jobs and supporting a law guaranteeing women equal pay for equal work.

“Carl DeMaio can’t win on the issues so he’s decided to spend the final weeks of the campaign spreading wild distortions about Peters' record in Congress and his compensation while on the City Council,” said Alex Roth, communications director for the Peters campaign. “It’s time to set the record straight so voters don’t fall for DeMaio’s ridiculous claims.”