Here are some basic facts to set the record straight about Carl DeMaio’s utterly deceptive claims about Scott Peters’ City Council compensation:

Fact: Scott Peters declined to accept a total of $140,000 in salary during his tenure on the Council, a figured confirmed by the media. He also donates every penny of his city pension to the city’s libraries.

Fact: Scott Peters received the exact same auto allowance as every other member of the City Council. Everyone got the same allowance, regardless of what type of car they drove.

Fact: Councilmembers received the auto allowance in lieu of mileage reimbursements.

Fact: The auto-allowance policy was in place before Scott Peters was elected to the City Council.

Fact: In Congress, Scott declines the Congressional pension and health care and donated his salary to charities during the shut-down and sequester. 

Fact: DeMaio falsely claimed that he cut his own Council salary upon taking office. In fact, DeMaio’s Council salary remained exactly the same during his entire tenure on the council.

Fact: Councilmember Lorie Zapf, who is prominently featured in DeMaio campaign ads, also takes an auto allowance. She has collected more than $32,000 in auto-allowance payments since joining the Council, according to Voice of San Diego.

Fact: DeMaio made his multi-million-dollar fortune off government contracts, many of them no-bid contracts.

Fact: DeMaio is the one who has publicly bragged about owning a BMW.  He told the San Diego Union-Tribune: “Don’t people know I’m a man of means now? I drive a BMW!” Click here to read his now-infamous quote.