Dear Friends –

I am writing to urge you to vote for Scott Peters for Congress!

Scott is in his fourth year as a Port Commissioner, having served as Chairman last year.  He was on the San Diego City Council for eight years before that, and was our first City Council President, from 2006 through 2008.  He practiced environmental law for 15 years before entering public service and he earned his degrees from Duke University and New York University School of Law.  He got his drive for public service growing up the in the suburbs of Detroit, where his father, a minister, fought against housing discrimination, and for civil rights. He taught Scott to stand up for what’s right. 

As someone who can work with anyone to get things done, Scott has assembled quite a list of accomplishments.  While on the City Council, He led the creation of a new Council/Mayor form of government with an independent budget review function; created the City’ first independent auditor; hired the City’s first Independent Budget Analyst; completed over $2 billion in downtown redevelopment including a new major league ballpark (Petco!) that generated more than 19,000 jobs; reduced sewer spills and beach closure days by 80%; reconstructed the Torrey Pines South municipal golf course to host the 2008 United States Open Championship; set new standards for energy and water conservation in new development; and completed major district infrastructure, including Highway 56, the North Torrey Pines Bridge, utility line undergrounding, and built new police and fire stations, libraries and dozens of new parks.  

As Chairman of the Port, he helped restructure the organization by eliminating excess management and trimming the workforce by 15%, all without layoffs or litigation.  And he secured unanimous support from all five Port cities to help expand the Convention Center, which will create 7,000 new jobs, and to remake our waterfront into one of the world’s greatest.

It would be so refreshing to get results like that out of Congress!  We need someone who can help balance the budget the right way, while investing in infrastructure, education and scientific research and saving our basic safety net.  Our current representative, Brian Bilbray, hasn’t produced results for us, and he’s taken such extreme positions on the budget, women’s issues and the environment that it’s pretty clear that he won’t.

That’s why Scott Peters is endorsed by President Bill Clinton and local Democrats, independents like Nathan Fletcher, three Republican former Chairmen of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, as well as all seven of the community papers that have endorsed, from Ocean Beach to Rancho Bernardo!

Please join me in voting to change Congress on November 6th and remember to tell your friends and neighbors.

Vote for Scott Peters!