Working on a Deadline

40 days from today will be the day after Election Day. By then, voters in our district will have made their voices heard. They will have chosen between a leader who works to get things done and the same, old, tired political rhetoric. This is a choice between a leader who makes tough choices and one who will stop at nothing to cover up his record of broken promises and double talk.

By then, it will be all over. All the TV, mail, and phone calls will have stopped and whoever is left standing will be tasked with moving forward and representing our region in Congress. By then it will be too late to do anything more – it will be too late to take a stand.

We have a major deadline coming up, one that every pundit and prognosticator in the country will have their eye on. This Sunday at midnight, we close the books on our third quarter of fundraising – this is the last full quarter before the General Election.

With this in mind, I’m asking you to please make a contribution in the amount of $5, $10, or $25 to my campaign right now so you can help us show we have the grassroots strength to fight back against the Tea Party spin machine.

We need our grassroots supporters to help put the Tea Party extremists running Brian’s campaign on notice that real change is coming and will start here in San Diego.

Let’s keep working,
Description: Scott Peters
Scott Peters

PS. Ballots for absent voters will be sent out in less than two weeks! Make sure you're signed up to vote early! It's quick, easy, and will help us conserve resources.