Today's Briefing Memo


I just wanted to give you an update from today’s briefing memo. Some of this is good, some isn’t, but it’s the type of information I’d like to pass along to you, as well!

First thing, we found out that Brian Bilbray and the National Republicans have bought some TV ad time during the next Chargers game. We know Brian doesn’t speak for Chargers’ fans and we’re not about to let him be the only candidate speaking to them. We’re asking all of our supporters to help us get a few ads up this Sunday to beat back the Tea Party’s distortions of Scott’s record. Each second of every spot during a Chargers game costs about $67. Can we count on you to sponsor one second of one ad? If you and 119 other like-minded supporters do your part, we can air four ads, one a quarter, and answer back against the baseless attacks coming from the likes of Karl Rove and his cronies.

And speaking of wayward Tea Party extremists, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is holding a national competition for Worst Republican Candidate or Member of Congress this cycle. We nominate Tea Party extremist Brian Bilbray for his lack of leadership to help resolve the debt ceiling debacle from last summer, which could result in the loss of 30,000 in San Diego, alone! These are good paying jobs related to the defense of our country. It’s bad enough that Brian wants to give out tax breaks to billionaires and oil companies, but to cut the jobs of those we depend on is just too much.

But voters realize that Brian doesn’t represent them. That’s why another national pundit just predicted that Scott’s well positioned for victory in November! Now, we all know the only poll or survey that matters is the one taken by voters on Election Day, but this is just another indication that our campaign is moving in the right direction.

San Diego’s influential opinion makers, like Nathan Fletcher and Malin Burnham, agree: Scott gets it and has what it takes to get the job done in Washington. I know you agree and I hope you’ll show your support by donating, voting, spreading the word, or by doing all three!

Thanks again for your help! 

Robert Dempsey
Campaign Manager
Scott Peters for Congress