Scott Peters Campaign Releases Second TV Ad of 2016: “Fix”

Today, the Scott Peters for Congress campaign unveiled its second television advertisement of 2016 titled, “Fix.” The ad features San Diegans who are fed up with a Congress that isn’t doing its job and promotes Peters’ “Fix Congress Now” plan – make No Budget, No Pay permanent; work five days a week; actually vote on bills that have been proposed; and get the vast sums of special interest money out of politics with transparency and enforcement.


Click HERE to view “Fix”

“We see it every day. Washington is broken,” says Congressman Peters, as he opens the ad over footage of San Diegans reading about gridlock in Congress.

“I’m Scott Peters. And fixing it starts right here – with you,” Peters adds.

The ad continues with San Diegans reading aloud ideas to reform Congress as their words appear in the form of emails, comments, and notes to Rep. Peters next to them on screen. Each of the ideas are proposals included in Rep. Peters’ “Fix Congress Now” plan.

“So I wrote a plan – “Fix Congress Now” – to do just that. I’m Scott Peters and I approve this message because it’s time Washington worked for you,” Peters says, concluding the ad over footage of him with the four San Diegans and the link

“San Diegans are rightly frustrated with a Congress that isn’t working for them,” said Peters’ campaign manager, MaryAnne Pintar. “This ad reminds voters that Scott Peters agrees with them that D.C. is broken and that he is the right kind of leader – someone who is willing to work with everyone – to fix it.”

Peters’ “Fix” ad will begin airing on broadcast and cable in the San Diego area on Wednesday, September 28th.