Real Political Courage: Nathan Fletcher Endorses Scott Peters

I’ve got some exciting news I wanted to share! Earlier today, we had a press conference to announce our latest endorsement, and I am so honored to tell you my friend, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, has endorsed me in my campaign to represent the 52nd Congressional District.

Earlier this year, Nathan captured the imagination and respect of people from all over the country when he broke from the Republican Party and made his bold move to independent. In that move, Nathan showed rare political courage  and set a new course that will greatly influence politics in our region.

I'm proud of the campaign we’ve put together. We’ve focused on putting people – and personal relationships – first.  That’s why I have earned so much support from across the political spectrum – Democrats, Republicans and independents, alike. They know that only through working together can we solve the problems we face as a nation. Unfortunately, some in Congress seem determined to demonstrate day and night their unwillingness to compromise and to get things done.

This campaign came directly from my desire to push beyond partisan bickering to focus on rebuilding the middle class and get this economy back to full strength. Nathan's endorsement clearly shows that people of all political stripes share my desire to move this country forward and put people before politics.

Together, we can make that happen on November 6th.


Scott Peters