Peters Campaign to Gitsham: Too Little, Too Late on Trump

Today, three days after Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump viciously attacked a Gold Star family in an interview with ABC and compared his own sacrifices to those of the Khans whose son died fighting in Iraq, Denise Gitsham issued an anemic statement that hardly matched the egregiousness of Trump’s remarks. Instead, the former DC lobbyist reiterated her devotion to the Republican Party that Donald Trump is now the standard bearer for, and she refused to walk back her previously stated support of the nominee.

“Gitsham’s meager attempt to distance herself from Trump’s comments without renouncing him completely is doublespeak and too little, too late. If Donald Trump’s vicious attack on a family whose son died in service to our country will not cause Denise Gitsham to disavow him entirely, what will? This goes beyond rhetoric or personal beliefs - by refusing to reject Trump, Denise Gitsham is supporting a reckless agenda and a candidate who is unfit to be commander in chief,” said Jacob Peters of the Peters Campaign.