Peters Campaign Launches New TV Spot: "Divisive"

CONTACT: Alex Roth, 619-228-3253

San Diego -- The Scott Peters for Congress Campaign launched its second TV ad today, called “Divisive.” The spot uses clips from DeMaio’s now-infamous speech kowtowing to a San Diego Tea Party group to make the point that DeMaio is too extreme for the CA-52 district.

“Carl Demaio is hiding something, his allegiance to the Tea Party, calling them “our principles,” the narrator says in a clip that includes sound bites of DeMaio speaking before his Tea Party audience.

The ad continues: “DeMaio took thousands from reckless Tea Party leaders that shut down the government and led a group that believes a plan to end Medicare’s guarantee didn’t go far enough.”

The reference is to the numerous far-right, Tea Party groups and politicians who have donated to DeMaio’s campaign and the fact that DeMaio currently accepts a six-figure salary from a far-right group funded by Tea Party billionaires, the Koch Brothers.

Using another sound bite taken directly from DeMaio’s Tea Party speech, the narrator ads, “DeMaio even told the Tea Party, ‘I will owe you and our collective movement everything.’”

The add concludes: “We can’t afford Carl DeMaio’s divisive Tea Party legacy in Congress.”

“In a rare moment of personal candor, Carl DeMaio stood in front of a San Diego Tea Party audience and called the Tea Party “the conscience of the accountable-government movement,” said Alex Roth, communications director for the Scott Peters for Congress Campaign. “This ad reminds voters of the far-right politicians that DeMaio will ally himself with if he’s elected to Congress. His style of self-serving extremism is everything that's wrong with Washington."