Peters Campaign Calls on Denise Gitsham to Finally Come Clean on her Support for Donald Trump

Gitsham calls being straight with the voters a “waste of time”

Yesterday, in a news interview, when asked if she supports Donald Trump or wanted him to be President, Denise Gitsham said, “I want the person that’s best suited for this job to win.” She then went on to harshly criticize Secretary Clinton, leading viewers to presume she supported Trump. But when asked to come clean with the voters and clarify who she would be voting for, Gitsham called it a “waste of [her] time.” In August, Gitsham refused to repudiate Trump after his attacks on a Gold Star Family.

“Yesterday, Denise Gitsham was asked by a journalist to either denounce Donald Trump or to finally be straight with the voters about her support for him. She responded by calling it a ‘waste of her time',” said Peters’ campaign manager, MaryAnne Pintar. “If Denise Gitsham thinks answering tough questions and standing up for what’s right is a waste of her time, she clearly doesn’t understand the job she’s seeking.”

After refusing to clearly answer a second time, Gitsham made the false claim that Congressman Peters has failed to pass a single piece of legislation during his two terms in Congress. Congressman Peters has passed dozens of pieces of legislation that benefit San Diego, including bills and amendments. The Peters campaign stands by Rep. Peters’ record of delivering for San Diego.

“Instead of making false claims about Congressman Peters’ record to avoid giving a straight answer, Denise Gitsham needs to come clean with the voters about her support for Donald Trump,” Pintar concluded.