Poll to District Resident Asks How Support for Trump Might Hurt Gitsham

A telephone poll being conducted in the 52nd District raises a big question: is Denise Gitsham polling on who she should vote for in the Presidential election? The poll is being conducted by VuPoint Research, a data gathering company in Portland, Oregon, the same city where Gitsham’s pollster, Moore Information, is based.

A 52nd district resident tweeted that the poll asked her how Gitsham’s support for Donald Trump would influence the way the resident voted in the 52nd District congressional race. According to the tweet, the poll also asked about Secretary Clinton and Governor Pence, but not Senator Kaine.

“No one should need a poll to tell them not to support Donald Trump’s reckless, hate-driven campaign for President – even more so after Friday’s release of Trump’s predatory comments toward women.” said MaryAnne Pintar, Peters’ campaign manager. “This is about values, not politics. If this is true and Denise Gitsham needs a poll to tell her who to vote for, how can she possibly expect anyone to vote for her? Leaders are expected to lead.”