Help Us Send a Message to the U-T San Diego Today

Today, as predicted, the staunchly Republican U-T San Diego endorsed Brian Bilbray for re-election over Scott. 

Their basis: first and foremost, they believe just Republicans should be elected, so they maintain control of Congress. That’s a different view from the bipartisan approach our campaign and candidate offers.

In the Primary Election, when UT-San Diego endorsed both Scott and Brian Bilbray, the editors said this about Scott: “we have been impressed in recent years with his ability to work in bipartisan fashion to get things done.”  This time, though, they didn’t worry about Scott’s bipartisan record of accomplishment.  In this election, they think Scott should be judged solely on the pension vote he cast a decade ago, ignoring his work to fix the problem and set the City on a path toward fiscal reform, work that’s been cited as a model for other cities struggling to pay their bills.  National observers, considering last year’s debt ceiling debacle, have said this approach is something Congress desperately needs.

This time, rather than judging Scott on his record – his whole record – U-T San Diego took a page out of the Bilbray/Tea Party campaign book, and ran with it.

Let the U-T San Diego know you disagree with their endorsement by writing a letter to the editor today! Tell them we need a leader who can bring both sides together to achieve real progress. Brian Bilbray has been in Congress for 12 years with no real achievement. Their editorial praises him for being a “fiscal conservative.”  That’s some conclusion, when Congress is borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar they spend!  And even if Brian intended to be fiscally conservative, what good is that if he can’t provide the leadership needed to forge consensus and achieve progress? Bilbray’s been a Washington insider for decades, and where has that gotten us? His failed leadership has brought us to the precipice of a fiscal cliff threatening 30,000 military jobs in San Diegowith no sign of compromise in sight. 

Tell the U-T San Diego that San Diego deserves real leadership! Your letters don’t have to be long. Just put it in your own words and email them at  Letters must include a full name, an address and a phone number.

Let’s get this done today; then tomorrow we’re back out walking precincts and talking to voters directly with this message: Congress is broken; to change it, we must change who we send!

With much appreciation,

MaryAnne Pintar
Communications Director
Scott Peters for Congress