Dozens of Republicans Bail on Trump, but Not Denise Gitsham

Even after Trump recordings, Gitsham won’t say who she’s voting for

In the 48 hours since a recording of Donald Trump’s disgusting and predatory comments toward women was published by The Washington Post, dozens of elected Republican Governors, Senators, and Members of Congress have said that they will not vote for Donald Trump in November, but not Denise Gitsham, who still refuses to reject Trump’s reckless, hate-driven candidacy for President.

Gitsham has refused to say whether she will vote for Trump, who has now been caught on tape bragging about non-consensual kissing, attempting to sleep with a married woman, and taking advantage of his celebrity status to sexually abuse women. For months Gitsham has evaded reporters’ questions about who she supports for President, at one point calling it, “a waste of her time.”

“Dozens of Republicans are bailing on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President, but not Denise Gitsham,” said MaryAnne Pintar, Peters’ campaign manager. “It is simply not enough to say you reject his words – that’s not leadership – that’s a cop out. The courage comes in rejecting his candidacy altogether. Denise Gitsham’s weak statement doesn’t even come close to being enough. It’s a simple question: will you or won’t you use your vote to make Donald Trump the most powerful man on the planet?”