DeMaio's 102 Lone-Dissenting Votes Reveal His Tea Party Approach

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San Diego -- With 102 days until Election Day, the Scott Peters for Congress campaign called attention today to the 102 lone-dissenting votes cast by Carl DeMaio during his one term in elected office.

As a San Diego councilmember, DeMaio was more obstructionist than legislator --a dead-giveaway for how he would behave in Congress. The evidence is overwhelming that he would be the same force of divisiveness and obstruction in our nation’s capital as he was in San Diego.

It’s why he’s backed by the same Tea Party extremists who have hijacked the national Republican Party and produced the worst political gridlock in our nation’s history.

“As a councilmember, DeMaio always used his vote as a mechanism for grandstanding and self-promotion rather than as a way to help the city,” said Alex Roth, communications director for the Scott Peters for Congress Campaign. “Carl sought the limelight. Scott Peters sought bipartisan solutions, which is why Scott was so widely respected as Council President.”

DeMaio did not even vote “yes” on the budgets put forth by Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders. DeMaio was the only councilmember to vote “no” on a resolution supporting a state law to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions – a law signed by a Republican governor. DeMaio even voted against providing death benefits to the widows and orphans of slain San Diego police officers – something the public-safety officers of this region will never forget.

DeMaio’s inability to work with his council colleagues was the reason the city’s Republican mayor famously tore into him at a 2012 press conference, noting that DeMaio “never voted for a budget” because doing so “might have muddied up his political calculations.”

It’s no coincidence that DeMaio was the only councilmember during those years who was never allowed to chair a single council committee.

“The choice in this election is clear,” Roth said. “If you want someone in Congress who can work with others to get things done for San Diego, vote for Scott Peters. If you want more of the gridlock and divisiveness, vote for Carl DeMaio.”