Day 7: Scott Brings a Practical Approach to Protecting Our Environment

DATE:  November 5, 2012
CONTACT: MaryAnne Pintar, 619-252-9923,


Day 7: 11 Reasons in 7 Days to Support Scott Peters for Congress

San Diego -- The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today continued its 11 Reasons in 7 Days to support Peters over Tea Party candidate and 12-year incumbent Brian Bilbray in the California’s new 52nd Congressional District.

Reason #4: Scott will bring his practical, problem-solving approach to protecting our nation’s natural resources.

When Scott was elected to the City Council in 2000, San Diego city had 365 sewer spills – averaging one per day. The New York Times travel section even featured San Diego beaches as areas to be avoided. Using his 15 years of experience as an environmental lawyer, he co-chaired the city's Clean Water Task Force and led an effort to rehabilitate the long-neglected sewer system. The rate of pipe replacement was tripled, the system was cleaned for the first time in 15 years, runners, hikers and cyclists were trained to look for pipe breaks along canyon trails and diverters were installed to capture sewage spills before they reached the ocean. By 2007, sewer spills and beach closure days were cut by 80 percent. San Diego beaches now consistently earn ‘A’ grades for water quality from Heal the Bay.  Watch Video

Scott is the only candidate in the race for the 52nd backed by America’s leading environmental organizations: The Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters and Ocean Champions. They are backing him not just because he is committed to their cause, but also because they know he has a record of working with businesses, developers, and regulators to find practical, effective ways to protect our land and water. 

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