Day 5: Scott Wants to Balance the Budget the Right Way – Not on the Backs of Seniors, the Middle Class

DATE:  November 3, 2012
CONTACT: MaryAnne Pintar, 619-252-9923,


Day 5 of 11 Reasons in 7 Days to Support Scott Peters for Congress


San Diego -- The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today continued its 11 Reasons in 7 Days to support Peters over Tea Party candidate and 12-year incumbent Brian Bilbray in the California’s new 52nd Congressional District. 

Reason #6: Scott wants to balance the budget the right way, not the backs of seniors and the middle class.

When Scott first joined the San Diego Port Commission, Port expenses were exceeding revenues. Under Scott’s leadership, they took action. They cut the workforce 15% through attrition and early retirement incentives, consolidated departments, eliminated excess management and reduced the number of vice presidents from 13 to 6.  All this was done without a single layoff or lawsuit. As a result, revenues increased, and in 2012 national ratings agency Fitch upgraded the Port’s credit rating, making their capital projects cheaper to build.

Compare this to Congress where their inability to compromise on a balanced spending plan caused our nation’s credit rating to be downgraded for the first time in America’s history. The resulting ‘sequestration cuts’ could cost San Diego 30,000 military-related jobs, and a 22% decrease in funding for life-saving scientific research – two cornerstones of San Diego’s economy. Brian Bilbray is a senior member of the majority party and he calls these potential cuts an example of bipartisan success.

 Scott will apply the same balanced approach he used to help reform the Port’s finances to push for a balanced budget. He’ll seek smart ways to reduce spending, while protecting critical programs like Medicare, Social Security, and investments in scientific research. Brian Bilbray has voted for dramatic cuts to all of these. He wants to balance the budget on the backs of our seniors, the middle class, and by underfunding veterans' benefits.

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