Carl DeMaio's Apparent Role Model is Threatening Another Government Shutdown

CONTACT: Alex Roth, 619-228-3253

San Diego -- Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz is threatening another government shutdown. ICYMI, here’s the video which Carl DeMaio gave a shout-out to Cruz on the day Cruz succeeded in shutting down the government last year.

“Take a look at what Ted Cruz is doing,” DeMaio told his audience. “He’s a freshman senator. He’s certainly creating a lot of stir. So I do believe one individual can make a difference. And it’s a question of whether you’re willing to stand your ground.”

So on the same day Ted Cruz succeeded in his wild-eyed mission to shut down the government, Carl DeMaio chose to give Cruz a shout-out.

“It seems clear from this video that DeMaio looks at Ted Cruz as something of a role model,” said Alex Roth, communications director for the Scott Peters for Congress campaign. “If DeMaio goes to Congress, we can look forward to even more dysfunction and more frequent threats to shut down the government.”

Roth added: “Shutting down the government will create even more economic uncertainty at the worst possible time. This is exactly why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed Scott Peters, not DeMaio.”