California Highway Patrolmen Join San Diego Police in Backing Rep. Peters for Re-Election

During National Police Week, Rep. Scott Peters announced his second law enforcement endorsement in as many days: the California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP) is backing his campaign for reelection over his five Republican challengers. CAHP represents more than 14,500 California Highway Patrol Officers. Yesterday, the Peters campaign announced the support of the San Diego Police Officers Association.

“California’s Highway Patrolmen do a critical and dangerous job. They protect us against drunk and reckless drivers, help alert us to missing children and seniors, and then help us find them. They guard us against road hazards and often have to put themselves in extremely dangerous roadside situations in order to keep us safe," Peters said. "I have great respect for the job they do and am honored to have their support."

In a letter announcing the endorsement, the CAHP said of Peters, “Both the active and retired members of the CAHP are sincerely appreciative of having the opportunity to work with you on issues affecting law enforcement, the California Highway Patrol and the citizens of California. Through your actions, you have demonstrated a real concern for the safety of the public and the members of our Association.”