Bilbray’s Long Record of Anti-Women Votes

Voted to Restrict Women’s Reproductive Health Care

In 2011, Bilbray voted to allow hospitals to deny lifesaving health care to women and restrict a woman’s ability to use her own private insurance for health care.

The bill barred insurance plans that receive federal subsidies, or if any of its customers receive federal subsidies under the new healthcare law, from covering abortion. The bill also increased conscience protections for health care providers who are anti-abortion.

According to the Huffington Post, the bill “would allow federally-funded hospitals that oppose abortions to refuse to perform the procedure, even in cases where a woman would die without it.” [The Virginian-Pilot, 10/14/11; Orlando Sentinel, 10/14/11; Huffington Post, 10/11/11]

The bill passed 251-172. [HR 358, Vote #789, 10/13/11]

2011: Voted to Prohibit Any Government Funding for Planned Parenthood

In 2011, Bilbray voted for an amendment that would bar all funding for Planned Parenthood Federation of America or its affiliates.

Conservatives had long targeted Planned Parenthood as a major abortion provider but the amendment would bar all federal funding. Planned Parenthood received some $75 million received to provide family planning assistance, contraception, HIV counseling, cancer screenings and other medical services.

According to Susan Cohen, director of governmental affairs at the Guttmacher Institute research organization, for every dollar spent on contraception for low-income women, the government saves four dollars in medical costs within the next year by averting unwanted pregnancies. [New York Times, 2/17/11]

A New York Times editorial pointed out that Republicans’ assault on women’s health would deny millions of women access to affordable contraception and life-saving cancer screening, as well as cut nutritional support for millions of newborn babies. [New York Times, Editorial, 2/25/11]

The amendment passed, 240-185. [HR 1, Pence amendment #11, Vote #93, 2/18/11]

2011: Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood

In 2011, Bilbray voted for a bill which would insert a section in the FY11 Continuing Resolution which would prohibit Planned Parenthood and its affiliates from receiving federal funding.

The resolution would order the Clerk of the House to change H.R. 1473, the FY11 Continuing Resolution, to bar the use of the federal funds to go to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., or any affiliate. [The Hill, 4/12/11]

The bill passed 241-185. [H Con Res 36, Vote #271, 4/14/11]

2007: Voted to Eliminate Funding for Planned Parenthood

In 2007, Bilbray voted in favor of an amendment to the fiscal year 2008 appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

The amendment would have barred the use of funds in the bill for Planned Parenthood. [CQ Floor Votes, 7/19/07]

The amendment was defeated 189-231. [HR 3043, Vote #684, 7/19/07]

Voted Against Expanding VAWA Protections for Immigrant, Native American, and Lesbian Women

In May 2012, Bilbray voted against expanding the protections of the Violence Against Women Act for undocumented immigrants, Native Americans and lesbian women.

If the motion to order the previous question had failed, the House would have considered the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act, which included expanded protections for those vulnerable groups.

The motion passed, 245-187. [H.Res. 656, Vote #254, 5/16/12]