Barack Obama Offers Closing Argument in Support of Rep. Peters’ Re-Election

On the eve of Election Day, the Scott Peters for Congress campaign released a video featuring Barack Obama. In it, Obama calls Rep. Scott Peters “the real deal” and urges san Diegans to send him back to Congress for a third term. Obama gave Rep. Peters a ringing endorsement in September, and the video strikes a similar tone, “I know Scott Peters – and the people of his district could not have a better representative in the U.S. Congress fighting for their security, prosperity, and economic opportunity.”

On Saturday, an ad began airing in San Diego featuring Michelle Obama urging San Diegans to elect Democrats to Congress, including Rep. Peters. Barack and Michelle Obama are two of the most popular figures in American politics.

barack obama 

Click HERE or above to view Barack Obama’s video.

“We’ve closed out our campaign with powerful, positive messages from constituents and leaders who’ve spoken to Scott’s strength, character, and leadership,” said MaryAnne Pintar, Peters’ campaign manager.

“This powerful closing argument from President Obama brings it all home,” she added. “With his strong record of accomplishments and endorsements from across the political spectrum, Rep. Peters is the clear choice for voters in the 52nd District."