What will it take?

As many of you have heard, the so called “super committee” of 12 House and Senate members announced Monday they failed in their attempt to offer a plan to reduce the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years.

Once again, those we elected to represent us have failed to do their job. The super committee had an opportunity to focus on the long range health and stability of our economy and instead they chose failure. Now more than ever, we need to elect leaders who will put our country first, get our economy moving, and solve our current budget crisis.

According to the Washington Post, Congress currently has an approval rating of 9%, which is lower than Nixon’s approval during Watergate or BP during last year’s oil spill.

So, you would think Congress would start to get it by now. But I guess not.

In my time on the San Diego City Council, I worked to find real solutions to the problems we faced and helped our city become a model for other municipal governments. I’m running for Congress because I believe I can bring that same style of leadership to Washington. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, I know I can work with anyone to get our country moving in the right direction again.

Please visit my website today to learn more about my candidacy and find out how you can get involved.



Scott Peters