Remembering those who served

Today, as we honor those who died on Dec. 7, 1941, in the attack on Pearl Harbor, I am thinking of all American veterans. Pearl Harbor launched us into World War II; we are grateful to the veterans of that war, and to all the men and women who have bravely served and sacrificed to protect our liberties.

I am thinking, too, of the young men and women who served recently that I had the honor to meet when I was invited to deliver the commencement speech to a graduating class of REBOOT

REBOOT is a three-week course that helps members of the military transition from their years of service back into civilian life. This time of transition is critical for our veterans. They have spent years training to be good soldiers. Once back home, they re-enter their lives as husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, and they re-enter their place in the workforce.

REBOOT helps them prepare for all of these. They provide a tremendous, valuable and critical service to our community, especially here in San Diego where we have the largest concentration of veterans in the nation. REBOOT has received national attention and praise for the skills and training it provides. And we, as a community need to do our part by reaching out to our veterans and their families with job opportunities, and any other assistance we can provide. We owe them at least that, and much more for their service and sacrifice.

God Bless our veterans and their families on this day of remembrance.



Scott Peters