New Year's Eve checklist

Before you go out tonight, make sure you’ve arranged for everything you need: a sitter for the kids, a safe way to get back home, and real change in Washington, DC!
In a fundraising letter sent out last week, incumbent Congressman Brian Bilbray took a page out of the Tea Party handbook and attacked Scott and his record of service on the San Diego City Council. In the letter, Brian suggests outside forces are to blame for the problems in Congress and how these problems would only get worse if Scott gets elected.
What Brian doesn’t seem to get is that while he could have been part of the solution, he’s part of the problem!
2011 will not be remembered as one of Congress’ finest years, but with your help we can elect someone with a record of getting things done for the common good.
Please consider making a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 right now to Scott’s campaign. Every little bit helps and as we close the books on 2011, my guess is you’ll rest easier tonight knowing you did what you could to bring positive change to Washington.
Now about getting home tonight, here’s a link offering San Diego area party goers with some options for a safe beginning to 2012.

Robert Dempsey
Campaign Manager
Scott Peters for Congress