Look what we did... thanks to you!

This week the FEC released campaign financials for the final quarter of 2011. In that time, our campaign raised more money than any other candidate in the race for the 52nd Congressional District – even more than long-time incumbent Brian Bilbray. That almost never happens! And all of the money we raised came from individual contributions from people like you, who support my fight to make Washington work for us again!

The financial reports show we raised $50,000 more than Brian, who collected a substantial amount of his money from outside San Diego. We know we’ve got him worried. All of his fundraising letters target me, not a word about the others. And that tells us his polling says what we already know – I’m the one who can beat him. Our campaign raised $267,000 in the first ten weeks of the campaign, and more than 90% of it was from San Diegans.

My Democratic opponent, on the other hand, didn’t even come close, raising only $51,000 in the quarter, even though she’s been in the race twice as long as me. And a significant amount of her contributors aren't even from Southern California – just like the majority of her endorsements. In fact, most of her endorsements are from people from other parts of the state -- people who don’t know me and don’t know our community. I’ve been endorsed by San Diego's high-profile Democratic officials – people who know and have worked with both of us and who believe I’m the better choice.

I am so grateful for the support you have given me. But the fight is just beginning.

By giving $20, $50, $100, $500 or any contribution up to the $2,500 federal maximum right now, you will help us make the first part of 2012 even more successful.

Let’s keep up this terrific momentum!