Good grief!

Aren’t you tired of seeing the phrases “Stand Off,” and “Threatened Shut Down,” “Stalemate” and “Gridlock” in the headlines to describe our federal government?  Wouldn’t you rather see progress, results, problem solving and common sense?

But here we go again.

Last week the Senate passed a bipartisan compromise to extend tax breaks for average Americans with an overwhelming 89-10 vote.  Senate moderates on both sides of the aisle worked hard to forge a compromise to move forward critical elements of the President’s program to boost jobs.

But just yesterday, House extremists led by Speaker John Boehner caved to the Tea Partiers, voted to block the Senate compromise, and to form yet another committee to resolve the matter. This move will raise taxes for 160 million working Americans on January 1st.

Our incumbent Congressman Brian Bilbray, who invited Speaker Boehner to town to help him campaign, has done his own share of kowtowing to the Tea Party extremists, as described in this recent news article. Let’s return our Congress to people who are willing to work together to fix the very serious problems faced by our nation.  And that is my record.  I am someone who has built a reputation as a dedicated, reasonable, problem solver who works to get things done.

You can read more about my record of service at my new campaign web site, which we just re-launched today. We’ve added new content, such as links to news articles about the campaign, as well as links to some coverage that provides background about my record at the City Council and as a Port Commissioner. It links to my blog, “Swimming Upstream” which shares insights about my work at the Port and in the community.  It lists some of my early major endorsers, and has some brief testimonials from them about why they support my candidacy.

We’ve also updated our volunteer page so you can sign up to help.

Finally, the December 31st end of year fundraising deadline is just around the corner.  It would mean a lot to me if you could contribute $50, $100 or $500 to my campaign before the end of the year so we can show our opponents we are in this to win!

We will be adding more to our website in the months ahead and I’d love your feedback or suggestions on additions you’d like to see us make. 

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season!



Scott Peters