Cause or coincidence?

Last week, I was featured in an article in City Beat, San Diego’s weekly alternative newspaper.  Click here to read the full article.  In the interview, I discussed several topics and offered ways I believe I can do a better job representing San Diego in Congress. 

One thing I discussed was my support for the STOCK Act, which would prevent Members of Congress from using insider information for personal gain in the stock market.  A story on 60 Minutes last month detailed how Congress has made insider trading illegal for you and me, but has not applied the same rules to themselves.  They can use information only they get -- only because they are in Congress -- to boost their own personal wealth.  The STOCK Act would fix that, but click here for the chronology on how many times this bill has been introduced and died in committee over the past five years, without Mr. Bilbray’s support.

Now, on the same day my interview was published last week criticizing the status quo, our current representative finally announced that he would support the STOCK Act!    

Better late than never, I guess. But we can do better. We need leaders who will quickly act to offer solutions instead of joining on three or four years after it’s too late.

I know I can be that leader in Washington, but to get there I need your help. Would you please consider contributing $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can afford to my campaign for Congress? Your contribution would help me send a message that the status quo is not longer good enough and that you share my conviction to end the cronyism that is so prevalent in our nation’s capital.

Thanks for your support! 


Scott Peters