Another Landslide! Or not...

Dear Friends, 

Well, it may not have been a landslide. But when 100 percent of precincts had been tallied at 3:00 a.m., we are winning by 685 votes out of 207,071 cast.  We took the lead early in the morning based on the strength of our election-day ground game.

County wide, there are still 388,000 provisional ballots to be counted; about 20 percent of those are in the 52ndCongressional District. It sounds like a lot, but we feel pretty good about where we are. Here’s why: a good chunk of those provisionals are vote-by-mail ballots people dropped off at their polling place or at the Registrar of Voters.

Since our volunteers executed one of the best Get Out the Vote operations that San Diego has ever seen, we are pretty confident those day-of drop offs will continue to break our way.

The last week of this campaign was something to see! I watched hundreds of neighborhood canvassers come in and out of our headquarters all day and into the night. And the constant hum of a full house of phone bankers became music to my ears! We laugh now that we initially thought our campaign manager had rented too much space. This last weekend we had to acquire satellite locations in order to launch additional volunteer teams from Rancho Peñasquitos and Point Loma, too.

Just as in the primary, every single vote mattered.

If you made phone calls, knocked on doors, talked to your friends, hosted a coffee or a lawn sign, or made a financial contribution, you made a big difference. 

This was no landslide! And, frankly, I’ve never had an easy election. When I ran for City Council, I was a Democrat running for a traditionally Republican seat. This time, we took on a 12-year incumbent who was backed by millions in corporate special interest PAC money. But those D.C. backers were no match for our team as we marched through the 52nd Congressional District!

Many of you have inquired about an update. We will have one from the Registrar at about 5:00 p.m today, and they indicated that they will issue updates at the end of each business day from now on.  Here is a link to the Registrar of Voters web siteso you can check yourself, and we’ll also be updating our Facebook page daily.

We look forward to celebrating with you soon. Until then…. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are so proud of what you’ve done, and I look forward to helping to make Congress work again.

 Scott Peters

Scott Peters

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