A Call to Action, a Time to Reflect

As we begin this year with much on our minds and tough decisions to make ahead, we should take a moment and think about the man whose legacy we commemorate today. The message and motives of Martin Luther King, Jr. are as important today as they were when he delivered one of his most famous speeches on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 49 years ago.

Dr. King spoke tirelessly of a brighter future, a more hopeful present, and the need for unity to build a more just and fruitful society. Following a year of crass rhetoric and debt ceiling standoffs while a majority of Americans continue to face the toughest economic struggle in generations, we should ask if the people we elected to Congress even consider what it would take to work together for the future of our children and the future of this country.

I am proud to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. and every person who joined him to advocate for freedom from injustice. So today we honor those who marched in Birmingham, or were willing to take a seat at a counter in Greensboro, or a certain Lutheran minister from the Midwest named Harvey Peters who fought housing discrimination in the Detroit suburbs and raised a son who continues to believe that tomorrow should be better than today. I am grateful to my Dad and my Mom for the values they instilled within me.

And I am grateful to you for your continued support. 



Scott Peters