VIDEO: Scott Peters Talks Immigration, Trump Administration and More in Wide-Ranging Interview

In a wide-ranging interview with the Independent Voter Network, Rep. Peters discussed his father’s work to desegregate housing, immigration, the Trump administration, and more. The interview is part of an August 28 piece, posted below:

“Beyond The Headlines”: Rep. Scott Peters on NewDemPAC, Trump and Immigration

By Jeff Powers

August 28, 2018


San Diego, CA.- Rep. Scott Peters had much to say on a variety of subjects in our Beyond The Headlines series.

The 52nd Congressional Representative is now the Chairman of the NewDemPAC.

The PAC was founded in 1997 and represents a group of 68 forward-thinking, pro-growth lawmakers focused on “fostering a new era of American prosperity at home.”

Peters was very candid as to the types of candidates the NewDemPAC is supporting,

A Father’s Mission
The Congressman also shared stories of his father, a retired minister from Detroit, who led the effort to desegregate churches in the 60’s.

Included in the stories Peters told was the remarkable tale of when Martin Luther King Sr. spoke at his father’s church during one of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history.

Trump’s Rhetoric
Immigration is an issue that has seen many Sessions of Congress and President’s stumble.

I asked Rep. Peters what he would like to see fashioned as a compromise on the very contentious issue. He certainly had pointed remarks of the President and his rhetoric.

Peter’s also handicapped the chances of Democrats taking over the House in November.