Nathan Fletcher, Former Assemblymember, California's 75th Assembly District


"Scott Peters is smart, capable, has the right experience, is in it for the right reasons, and he’s a good man... Congressional dysfunction is at an all-time high because of hyper-partisanship. We need a leader like Scott who cares more about results than rhetoric ... If you want leaders who put people ahead of party politics, then I urge you to vote for Scott Peters.”

Susan Davis, Congresswoman, 53rd Congressional District 


"I've worked closely with Scott for many years in San Diego and now in Congress, and have admired his thoughtful, balanced, collaborative approach to solving our region's issues. On the federal issues, Scott is pro-choice, strong on the environment, and committed to protecting middle-class values and preserving Social Security." 

Juan Vargas, Congressman, 51st Congressional District 


"Scott Peters and I arrived in Congress together, and working alongside him and Susan Davis we've built a strong partnership of San Diego leadership. He's immediately established himself as an effective consensus builder, and he's already been central to securing critical investment for our regional economy. Scott Peters is the ally I need and the advocate our region deserves in Congress." 

Toni Atkins, Senator and Senate President Pro Tempore, California's 39th Senate District


"Scott is a smart, caring, trustworthy leader who puts people first. He has a base of supporters that spans the political spectrum because they know he is an effective advocate. He doesn’t fight for headlines; he fights to get things done." 

Todd Gloria, Assemblymember, California's 78th Assembly District 

Gloria"As San Diego's first City Council President, Scott Peters established the tone of setting partisanship aside to achieve smart solutions for our city and region. I'm proud to continue that approach today, and to support Scott Peters, who has brought that proven bipartisan approach to Congress to represent our region well while standing up to the divisiveness and extremism that others have used to disrupt effective problem-solving." 

 Lynn Schenk, Former Congresswoman, 49th Congressional District

Schenk"As the Congresswoman who represented much of this district some years ago, I know what it takes for our area to have a respected voice in Congress, and Scott Peters has the unique combination of personal skills and public policy background that make him an outstanding Representative and effective leader. Scott is a smart, savvy and thoughtful person who commands respect from all sectors –business, labor, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. I have worked with Scott when he was President of the city council and as Port Chairman. As a former port commissioner myself, I know it takes a special talent to forge compromise out of complex and competing interests.  Time and again, Scott has demonstrated the patience, the intellect and the commitment to develop solutions which benefit society. He will continue to be a credit to San Diego!"

Marty Block, Senator, California's 39th Senate District  

Block"Scott Peters is an outspoken advocate for keeping higher education accessible and affordable for everyone, no matter their circumstances. At a time when the burden of student debt is skyrocketing and financial aid programs are under attack from the far right, we need to keep Scott Peters in Congress to protect the dream of high quality education for all Americans."

Christine Kehoe, Former Senator, California's 39th Senate District

Sen. Christine Kehoe"Scott Peters is an effective and compassionate leader who has proven to be a tremendous advocate for San Diego in Washington. We have worked together on a number of issues over the years, including cleaning up San Diego Bay by reducing copper levels.  He is a great reflection of the 52nd District and the best advocate to get things done in Congress." 

Dede Alpert, Former Senator/Assemblymember, California's 39th Senate District and 78th Assembly District

Dede Alpert"I’ve known and worked with Scott for several years, while he was on the City Council, and during his volunteer public service to our community and through his first campaign for Congress. He is thoughtful, compassionate and smart, and one of the most skilled consensus builders I’ve ever worked with. His reasonable, determined style of leadership is sorely needed in Washington right now where the rancor has become so intense it is harming our country. I urge San Diegans in the 52nd District to support him and a less divisive style of leadership to Washington." 

Ben Hueso, Senator, California's 40th Senate District

Hueso"Scott Peters provided visionary leadership during a time of monumental government reform, acted decisively during destructive fires, and guided San Diego's urban centers through historic renewal and revitalization.  He is one of San Diego's most experienced, accomplished, and respected leaders."