Scott Peters is a civic leader who has devoted his life's work to creating jobs, protecting the environment, and improving the quality of life in San Diego. In Congress, Scott has demonstrated a willingness to reach across the aisle and the ability to achieve bipartisan solutions to tough problems. While so many in Washington seem interested only in political gamesmanship and blaming others for the problems we face, Scott has forged a different path, representing San Diego by bringing people together and putting politics aside to get results.

Standing Up for What’s Right

Scott learned the importance of standing up for what’s right from his father, a Lutheran minister, who worked for housing desegregation and improved race relations after riots had ravaged Detroit in the 1960s. Scott took those same values to the courtroom – serving as a supervisor in the Office of San Diego County Counsel before starting his own firm. He successfully took on tough fights at the local level, such as when he sued a shipyard that refused to prevent contaminated runoff from spilling into San Diego Bay - A lawsuit that led to new nationwide standards for water quality around these facilities. He's taken those values to Congress, standing up for a woman's right to make her own private health decisions and to earn equal pay, supporting full marriage equality and co-sponsoring the Employer Non-Discrimination Act, and serving as the Chair of the Climate Task Force for the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition.

Reforming Government

In Congress, Scott delivered on his campaign promise and helped pass the "No Budget, No Pay" law that stops Congress from being paid until it passes a budget. He refused to keep his paycheck during the government shutdown, and voted to stop Congress from giving itself a raise. As San Diego’s first City Council President, Scott pursued greater accountability and efficiency in government, with a results-oriented approach. He led the creation of a new council/mayor form of government with an independent budget review function; created an independent audit function; hired the City’s first Independent budget analyst; completed over $2 billion in downtown redevelopment including a new major league ballpark that generated more than 19,000 jobs; delivered an 80% reduction in sewer spills and beach closure days; set new standards for energy and water conservation in new development; and completed major district infrastructure, including Highway 56. 

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Growing Our Economy

In Congress, Scott Peters has been a leading voice for more investment in San Diego's science, engineering, biotechnology, and research to create the high-wage jobs of the future. Scott also led Democrats and Republicans to secure funding for the San Diego border crossing that regional business leaders called San Diego's top priority for job creation. The improved crossing will strengthen border security and create thousands of jobs by improving the flow of trade and commerce.

Before going to Congress, Scott served as chair of the San Diego Unified Port District – a major economic engine that produces tens of thousands of high-skill, high-wage jobs for San Diegans. The Port manages the state tidelands in and around San Diego Bay, which produces $3.3 billion in direct economic impact to the region and supports middle class jobs for more than 40,000 San Diegans. Scott has also worked extensively as a community leader to grow our economy, improve education, and protect the environment – including service as a member of the boards of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, CleanTECH San Diego and the UCSD Chancellor’s Community Advisory Board, and as Chair of the Climate Initiative at The San Diego Foundation.

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His Background

Scott earned his undergraduate degree from Duke University and worked as an economist for the United States Environmental Protection Agency before attending New York University School of Law. He and his wife of 27 years, Lynn, are 24-year residents of the 52nd District. They live in La Jolla and have a daughter and son.